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Lookupia is a cheaper and powerful API used for geolocation and geocoding!

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With our robust API, you will never miss a chance to book a place or even more!


Never be late again like a wizard, with our Geolocalisation API, you will always arrive precisely when you mean to.

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Who needs a map? Everyone! With our trustworthy Geocoding API and our up-to-date POI, you shall never be lost again!

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1 Geocoding Simple example for ruby
3 uri = URI.parse('http://localhost:3000/graphql')
4 request =
5         request.content_type = 'application/json'
10        request.body = JSON.dump(
11          'query' => "query{
12          allAmenities{
13            lat
14            lng
15            name
16          }
17          }",
18          "variables" => {
19            "api_key" => ENV["API_KEY"]
20          })
22          req_options = {
23            use_ssl: uri.scheme == 'https'
24          }
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Making a call to our GraphQL API has never been easier.

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“Lookupia is amazing. Decisions that used to take weeks, now only takes minutes and is available to everyone on my team.”

Cindy Smith, founder of Cool Startup

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Mobile apps. iOS and Android apps available for monitoring.

Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

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